Anal Fantasy Mega Insta- Gaper Stretch

Extend Your Ass to the Maximum with Our Anal Fantasy Mega Insta Gaper Anal Stretching Butt Plug
? Insta-gaper butt plug that springs into action inside the anus
? Made from Elite silicone
? A plug that is both supple and firm, with a suction-cup base
When inserted into the anus, the moving parts of this butt plug can be used to create new and incredible sensations. It is made from soft and silky silicone for maximum comfort.
With its arms that stretch apart, the Mega Insta-Gaper butt plug will make your intimate toys utterly unique. To insert it, all you have to do is squeeze its moving arms together and keep them held together during insertion. Once inside your anus, its arms will get to work inside you and give you some simply divine sensations, including the Crotchless Thongs and G-Strings exquisite feeling that your anus is filled right to the brim.
Reaching orgasm through anal stimulation is incredibly arousing thanks to the area’s high concentration of nerve endings, and our Anal Fantasy Collection includes toys that will stimulate every one of those nerves.
Made of soft and silky silicone, this butt plug is both supple and firm at the same time. It is wonderful to wear and has a tapered end, making it easy to insert. Its wide neck enables the anal muscles to contract just the right amount, whilst its splayed base will prevent it from being inserted too deeply.
Hypoallergenic and extra hygienic, the Mega Insta-Gaper cleans quickly and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Always enjoy a great quality water-based lubricant in combination, silicone lube formulas should be avoided. Pipedream has included a package of anal play add-ons, including two protective rubber finger sleeves, samples of Moist water based lube and Anal Ease cream, and a small bottle of Refresh toy cleaner.